Listen. Slow down. Rest.

My body has been telling me to slow down and rest. But my mind is fighting it – NO! I have difficulty with doing nothing – both physically and mentally. As my favorite surgeon noted, I am a “Go go go girl.” (Not to be confused with a go go girl.)

My back hurts.

My hip hurts.

My hands hurts, with small blisters beneath my calluses.

My foot hurts.

My knee has been popping (not a good sign).

There is a pinching pain between my shoulder blades.

My head hurts, pulling from my shoulder blades.

And yet, my mind does not want to slow down. I share this, not to complain, or to whine, or for sympathy. But to show that I understand and that I too fall into the trap. The trap of habitual exercise and not wanting to stop – for fear that you will not start again.

Slowing down and resting is something that I have actually gotten better at these last few years. Each of my injuries forced me to slow down – each of them designed for the function of forcing me to slow down (there is a reason for everything, isn’t there?). I have since become more in-tune with my body. I listen to it. While I am pretty good at slowing down or cutting back,  I am not so good at resting completely. I go a little bit stir crazy on rest days (although I force myself to take at least 1 rest day a week).

Avoid overtraining

Some individuals may suspect I am overtraining. I am not overtraining – simply managing a chronic, mysterious condition (narrowed down to being autoimmune). Most of my pain has nothing to do with my workouts. However, minor aches and pains can be good indicators to slow down and avoid overtraining. Has your body been sore for too many days in a row? Rest. Are you getting adequate sleep but still fatigued? Rest.

Avoid Injury

If your body is fatigued or you are experiencing some pain, there is a good chance that you will workout, compensate with other areas, and incur more pain or injury. Another injury does not appeal to me – I do not think it is worth the risk.

The bottomline

Listen to your body. Slow down when it needs it. Rest when it needs it. When it doubt, if you have been working out hard, rest.

Rest —

Playlist: I say jump and you…JUMP

As I build and compile workouts, I thought that I would share this playlist. Compiled for a plyometrics workout, what would be better than a bunch of songs about jumping? Nothing.

The JUMP list

  1. Jump – Kris Kross
  2. Jump Around – House of Pain
  3. Don’t Jump – Tokio Hotel
  4. Jump for my Love – Pointer Sisters
  5. Jump – Van Halen
  6. Jump on it – Sir Mix Alot
  7. Jump on it – SugarHill Gang
  8. Jumping Jack Flash – Rolling Stones
  9. The Red Jumpsuit Aparatuts – Face Down
  10. Jump, Jive an Wail – Louis Armstrong
  11. The Jump Off – Lil Kim
  12. Crank That Jump Rope – Soulja Boy
  13. Jumping All Over The World – Scooter
  14. Hey Baby Jump Off – Bow Wow
  15. Jump Da F*ck Up – Slipknot
  16. Jumper – Third Eye Blind
  17. No Jumper Cables – Aesop
  18. Jumpin Tonight – Big Joe Turner
  19. Jumpin Jumpin – Destiny’s Child
  20. Jump Around – Cypress Hills
  21. White Men Can’t Jump – Riff
  22. Jump – Simple Plan
  23. Jump – Madonna
  24. Jump – XTC
  25. Jump – The Moffats
  26. Jump – Kylie Minogue
  27. Jump with you Baby – B B King
  28. Jump Off – Bow WOw
  29. Jump – Girls Aloud
  30. Jump Start – Jethro tull
  31. Jump in the Fire – Metallica
  32. Jump they say – David Bowie

Have any you can add to my list?

Planning a day of nothing

There is nothing on my calendar today. No classes to teach. No clients to train nor coach. No social events. Nothing. On my drive home from work last night (which was LONG due to inclimate weather), I told myself that I would allow myself to sleep in and then do nothing today – only leaving the house to workout.

I am amazed by how unmotivated I am. I awoke early, but remained in bed, reading and relaxing. I also began to plan out my day (yes, planning my day of nothing).

I should get out and shovel.

I should start some coffee – it will help me become motivated.

I should plan my workout – I can go to an empty gym this afternoon and do anything I want!!!

I should do laundry.

I should do my taxes.

I remained in bed. I was unmotivated. I sent a text to my former workout partner – we now live 5+ hours apart – expressing my lack of motivation. She concurred. HOW am I going to find some motivation, I asked myself.

Step 1 – Get out of bed.

Step 2 – Put contacts in so I can see.

Step 3 – Brew and drink coffee.

Step 4 – Just do it.

So here I am. Writing this post, drinking coffee, and occasionally looking out the window at the snow on the driveway. I guess I ought to go do something about that. And I will, as soon as I am done with this cup of coffee – – – –