Response: Praying for Boston

It is a tragedy – to say the least. And it hits home. I have more than a dozen friends and clients who have run in the Boston Marathon. This prestigious event requires a considerable amount of time, effort, and heart on the part of the runner AND the runner’s family. Hours spent planning and training. The money spent on qualifying events, shoes, gear, and supplements. Only truly dedicated athletes – with the support of their friends and families – make it to Boston.

bostonI am thankful that none of my closest friends were running this year – but they are shaken. I am shaken. As we prep for the upcoming Green Bay Cellcom Marathon, I have more than half a dozen friends with their eyes set on qualifying for the 2014 Boston Marathon. It will happen for all of them – but now a part of me does not want them to go! There is a part of me that is thankful that Green Bay is such a small city – it makes me feel like it would be less of a target!

I will keep this short and sweet. My thoughts and prayers are with those who have been directly affected by this tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are also with those who have been indirectly affected – it has us shaking in our running shoes. Literally. But you know what positivity I take from this? I am more determined to run – and will run with all my heart!!

Yours in health,

Becca Rose

Finding motivation to run with the wind

It is April 14th, and it is snowing. It is pretty windy and only going to get windier. As I dress for my long run, I am struggling to find the motivation. I keep checking the weather on my phone, hoping that I either saw it wrong or it will change. But…it isn’t changing. And I had better get out there soon, because the blustery winds and snow/rain mix are on the way for the afternoon. photo (1)

I am doubting myself. I am not sure that I will make it a full 115 minutes — two hours? It is April, it is not supposed to be like this. This lack of motivation has be weighing my options.

I could run inside on a treadmill. Ha! I can barely run 30 minutes on a treadmill.

I could skip the run altogether. NEVER! Not an option.

And so it looks like my only options is to bundle up at fight my way through the mild winds.

What is my motivation? Well, my parents taught me to do what I say I am going to do —