Strength + Balance + Stability = GOAL 7

The Asante Children’s Choir put on an amazing show at church yesterday. I was watching, smiling, and in awe. And then, I was struck with yet another goal. These young men were gymnasts! Singing, dancing, and showing impressive strength and ability. Of course, I want to do everything that they can do! These boys and young men were doing planches. WHILE SINGING!

GOAL 7 – Planche Training

I am going to maintain caution with this goal. I do not know that I will be able to complete a planche (aka planche pushup or the hardest pushup in the world) during the 2013 calendar, but I am going to begin training. To be honest, I have no idea how to train for it so I will have to first do an absorbitant amount of research. In preliminary research, I did find a man who seems to know…

Ever feel like your standing on your head? GOAL 1

I’m setting goals for 2013. Not resolutions. GOALS. Physical achievements that will require work and practice to achieve. I have been struggling with setting goals based on vanity, but I know from personal experience that improved physical appearance is a byproduct and that if I set appropriate achievement goals, the physical appearance will follow.

GOAL 1 – Handstands & Headstands

powerful I will independently Рwithout assistance of a wall or another individual Рcomplete both handstands and headstands. The caveat to this is that I will also be able to maintain control throughout a dismount, not allowing my feet to simply fall to the ground. The eccentric control is the true measurement of strength and perseverance.

I don’t know why, but in recent months I having been wishing that I had been a gymnast. This then-chubby girl didn’t have much interest in that kind of thing! But it is never too late, right?

I have a scar on my left knee from attempted to obtain this view a few years back. I have been able to complete handstand pushups with the assistance of a wall for years, but I have never had the courage to step away from that wall – until recently. Just as in life, sometimes we need assistance, tools, props, or friends to help us get started. But we can rely on those forever or they will get worn out or tired. So little by little, we step away and build up the strength and confidence to do it on our own. And tell me, how GREAT does that feel?

There is something to be said about viewing life from an inverted position…blood rushing to the head…learning to breathe through the pressure…it’s a powerful experience!