How many lemons = 8 oz. lemonade?

We have all heard the saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” As an overanalyzer I ask, “How many lemons do I need to make 8 ounces of lemonade?” and “When do I have enough lemonade?” I’ve asked these questions of numerous individuals and they have all laughed. True, there is some humor behind the questions. But in all seriousness — do you have the answer?

So, as any resourceful and inquisitive individual would do, I Googled it. The first hit led to a Yahoo answer for, how many lemons does it take to make a gallon of lemonade if the recipe asks for 1 quart of lemon juice? The best answer:

A 4 oz lemon (average size) yields 1.65 fl oz of juice according to the Book of Yields. There are 32 fl oz in a quart and 32/1.65 is 19.4.

I have to admit, I did not anticipate finding such a precise answer so quickly. The Internet is an amazing thing, but is it accurate? I realize that I have to do a little more math to actually determine how many lemons go into 8 ounces of lemonade, but this is truly irrelevant to my point. My real question: how many trials, how much turmoil, how much pain, etc. must we endure to rejoice in good favor?

One of my issues with this saying is that I do not really care for lemonade. (Yes, I am a literal thinker.) First, I avoid drinking calories at all costs. EXCEPTION – I am a coffee addict, but at approximately 5 calories per cup I do not concern myself with it. Second, I do not like bitter/sour/tart flavors. I am a sweets girl – but seen as I dislike adding sugar to make something more palatable, this inhibits my liking of lemonade – as most recipes require sugar or sugar substitutes (a big no-no!).

So, if I were to take my lemons, and make them into lemonade, what would I do with said lemonade? I am taking something aversive, making it into something that I do not find pleasure with, and giving it away to others? Do I then give it to individuals whom I like or to individuals whom I dislike? Does it matter?

What a dilemma! 

I am thinking. Hard. What is something lemon-like that I find pleasure in? I do not like the scent, so I avoid Lysol or anything lemon scented. Do I purchase anything related to lemons? Hmmmm — I have one product. I’ve got it! I will take MY lemons and make them into Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream! 

But I have not really solved the problem! Because – how many lemons do I need to make a useful amount of cuticle cream and how much cuticle cream do I really need? I mean – how many trials, how much turmoil, how much pain, etc. – a.k.a. lemons – must we endure to then yield pleasure?

The bottomline…

We tend to get caught up in the details in life. Does is really matter whether I like lemonade? The moral of the saying is that what is truly important is how we react as a result of our circumstances – and to life in general. We all get lemons – and we each get to choose what we will do with them.

What do YOU do with YOUR lemons?