Pride only breeds quarrels

This has been on my mind – I have to write about it. Yesterday, I taught a Tabata class and it was attended by another instructor. Following class she approached me, asking about a specific cue I used, “Jump from your heels.” She expressed that this does not make sense and wanted to know what I meant by this, where I got it from, etc. I used this cue when performing lateral jumps over the step. I said, “People were jumping from their toes and you need to jump from a flat foot.” She retorted, “But you have to jump from your toes to get any height.”

I was becoming annoyed – to say the least

Thankfully, I had another class immediately following. I could leave the conversation by getting the members set up. But, the conversation lingers…

Too much pride

This is a lesson in pride. I have considerable pride (perhaps too much) in my experience and education. Part of me thought – is she really questioning ME? This instructor, with a group fitness certification and a weekend-training personal trainer certification, was telling me that I was wrong? That urked me. 

Part of this was with the tone with which she confronted me. And with a question – as if testing me. Does she think that she knows more than me? I was arrogantly laughing inside. But I caught myself. My self-talk, she knows what she knows and you know what you know and leave it at that

photo (35)Pride only breeds quarrels, but wisdom is found in those who take advice. ~ Proverbs 13:10

Learning and growth

I am learning to catch myself and bite my tongue. As mentioned, I was lucky enough to have an out for this situation, removing me and allowing me to step away. I might have otherwise initially reacted inappropriately. 

One thing I am learning, is that it is not worth the battle with others in my industry – particularly those who are uneducated and unwilling to learn (or learn something new). I have had healthy, glorious conversations with others, but they are far and few between.

Second, I learned that I am indeed better at muting my initial reaction. I have better control of my tongue (not so much my thoughts, yet!). 

Third, we each know what we know and do what we can with that. We can share our knowledge – some will accept it and others will deflect it. 

I can grow from this, learning to lower my defenses. I grow also in understanding more and more that others are not on the same path, have not taken the same route, and have a very different perspective of all things in this life. Wow, if that is not growth, I do not know what is!

The bottomline

After discussing this with my roommate, it was not so much what this woman said, but how. It is a reminder to be mindful of how you present criticism or disagreeing feedback. I expect to be spoken to with respect. As a result, I am often offended by social encounters – as a society we are not excellent at that whole respect thing.

Final note. If you want to dispute my fitness advice, you had better have the scientific evidence and know-how to support it. Some will mistake this for arrogance, but it is mere confidence. If you can show or convince me that I am wrong, I will humbly accept it. 

What experience can you take from today to help you learn and grow?

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