The beginner’s mind & thirst

In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few.” – Shunryu Suzuki

I was blessed with the opportunity to attend a retreat, The Beginner’s Mind Health Retreat, this last weekend. I walked away with my mind ripped to shreds (liken this to tearing muscles fibers with the intend to repair and grow). I am armed with new tools. And day by day my mind is putting it all together.

It was encouraging to be surrounded by others who are THIRSTY. I was faced with the fact that I am smarter than I tend to believe I am – and above all else this awareness is priceless.

I am thirsty
I am thirsty. Thirsty for new knowledge. Thirsty for new experiences. Thirsty for new understanding. Thirsty for new relationships.


For most of my life I’ve felt like an outcast because of this. I’ve never been the person who hears something and immediately believes it. More often, I begin thinking ‘but what about…’ or ‘is this congruent with what I already believe I know.’ I am thirsty for all the facts and then determining how the facts do or do not fit together.


Thirst quenchers
I love that I have the opportunity to work 1-on-1 with so many intelligent and successful individuals – all in fields different than my own. It helps to quench my thirsts! I gain new knowledge with every conversation with a business owner and new insight from every discussion I have with a nurse or doctor.

I have friends who have quenched my thirst for new experiences – introducing me to mountain biking, paddleboarding, painting, sailing, gun shooting, and more. Some of those experiences scared the living daylights out of me and I will not do again. Others have become some of my favorite pastimes.

Books. I read and I read. I believe that I finished 3 books last week. Just yesterday a client asked me how many books I have read this year – I have absolutely no idea. I do know that I have not read enough and that I have a really big queue waiting to be read (drank?)


A beginner’s mind is thirsty —
I have a beginner’s mind
I am not sure that I will ever consider myself an expert of anything. I believe that I know A LOT about many different things. I believe that I know far more about health/fitness/well-being than many of my cohorts in personal training. But there is so much more to know and there are so many different possibilities. It’s endless.

I am far from an expert. I begin every day new – learning something brand new or something differently than I knew it before.


What do you thirst for?

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