Is The 21 Day Fix a Fitness Hero or a Fitness Villain?

Well said…love his writing style.

Excelsior Fitness

hero or villianThis post is the first of a new series on my blog that I am calling Hero or Villain. These posts will be no-BS assessments of various diets, workouts, equipment, trends, and what-nots that capture the popular fitness imagination because they are supposed to be our heroes by saving us from our troubles and woes. But you can’t just strap on a shiny cape and call yourself a hero.  Real heroes deliver on their promises and help us out.  Villains deceive us and damage our health and fitness. It’s that simple. I have no vested interest in any of the products I will review. I am only interested in your health and fitness.

All of a sudden I’ve been inundated with clients asking the same single question: “Jason,” they ask, “what is the meaning of life?”Well, if that was actually their question, I would simply answer, “42” (…look it…

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