What supplements do you use?

I have been thinking more about supplements. I get asked ALL the time – “What supplements do you use?”

The bare minimum. I carry more muscle than your average woman, as a result I suspect individuals assume I take something – whether it be natural or synthetic. I do not use creatine. I rarely use protein powder. I do not use energy boosters, pre-workouts, nor post-workouts. My first and foremost source is FOOD!

However, I do use FOUR supplements on a consistent basis:

  1. Multi-Vitamin
  2. Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)
  3. Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)
  4. Iron


The Western diet does not provide all the vitamins and minerals that the body requires to be fully functioning. I personally use Prograde Women’s VGF 25+ Multi-Vitamin. You can try the Men’s or Women’s VGF FreeIf you are not currently taking a multi-vitamin, I strongly encourage you to do so. Unfortunately, regardless of how healthy you eat, it is nearly impossible to get enough of everything your body needs for optimal functioning!

Essential Fatty Acids

The most common example of an EFA supplement is Fish Oil. The benefits of EFAs are abundant. Taking an EFA supplement can reduce your risk for heart disease, reduce inflammation, improve brain functioning, and more. I use Prograde EFA – I have tried all the products under the sun and I continually return to Prograde.

Branched Chain Amino Acids

BCAAs are designed to help you maintain the muscle you work hard to build. Naturally occurring in pork, fish, some dairy, etc., it is difficult to consume amounts adequate for our bodily and mental needs.


I take an additional iron supplement under the advisement of my physician. I have a tendency to be iron deficient and borderline anemic. It is not abnormal for a female to require an iron supplement, particularly during menstruation when iron is lost.

I am not a sales representative

I have been getting so many questions – Herbalife, Body by Vi, Advocare. Save your money! A good multi-vitamin and a fatty acid are all the average person needs. I have been approached by numerous individuals regarding Advocare – about both using the products and selling them. While I know many who use them, that is not my idea of a healthy lifestyle. I will summarize my reasons.

First, a product sold in a pyramid scheme screams red flag. If everyone in that pyramid is making a profit, then the quality of the product must be poor.

Second, I know many individuals who have replaced coffee with Spark. While I applaud them, I prefer to remain with my all natural sources for energy – coffee, fruits, vegetables, and FOOD. Plus, the ‘sugar-free’ Sparks contain a minimum of 2 sugar ingredients — something to think about.

The bottomline

Yes, you can order your Prograde products through me. And I live by the products – give them a shot and you will know why. But I will not give you this big long explanation of what they will do for you – because NOTHING can replace REAL FOOD and REAL WORK.

A supplement is just that – a supplement. A supplement to healthy lifestyle. If a product claims to allow you to continue to eat junk (ah-hem, Sensa?) – it is a gimmick. It will not work. Further, your body often does not know what to do with the chemicals and synthetics in many supplements – so it removes it through waste.

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