Are You Raising the Fitness Bar Too High?

Interesting perspective. And VERY true. We often compare ourselves to our best selves, or younger selves – setting unrealistic and unhealthy goals. Interesting how “fit” has changed over the years.


It is so easy to get our minds out of whack. We fixate on where we want to BE so much, that we often totally forget where we CAME FROM and never really allow ourselves to celebrate where we ARE.

I willl not be discouragedListen, most of the time I am about 10lbs heavier than I’d prefer to be. So it takes me about 5-6 weeks to drop the extra weight to get in shape enough for a shoot, or show up to a fitness event, and actually feel like I “look fit”. That’s my reality. I can either fixate on how much leaner I could be, or I could remind myself that, not only have I been fatter, I’ve stayed fitter longer over the last few years. Another words, I’ve been worse.

I used to do extreme yo-yoing where I didn’t workout regularly for weeks – or even months. Normally it was when…

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