Today – what did you do for YOU?

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I have goals. I have an abundance of goals. I have life-long goals. I have 10-year and 5-year goals. I have goals for 2013. But most importantly, I have goals for TODAY. Most of my daily goals require me to take care of – ME. They encompass growth in many areas of my life.

What did I do for my mind? I learned new behavior modification methods for use with toddlers. I read – a lot and about various topics.

My body? I taught and participated in a Tabata class. I followed this up with ~20 minutes of back and biceps weight lifting. And important, after the physically busy weekend, I rested my legs as my knees are a little achy. REST, they say, so rest I do.

My spirit? I have been relistening to the Geneen Roth book, Women, Food and God, on my commute. This is good for my spirit and has been a recent remind that I am not what mother led me to believe that I am. I am reminded that the goal of perfection lays a foundation for failure – no one is perfect. Each time I listen, something new resonates.

My relationships? It is hard for me to think about this one – so I have no answer.

My creativity? I played with Play-Doh. I made a road and bridge for a toy cement mixer to use to get to the construction site.

My passion? I taught a class. I trained a client. I practiced a couple of crazy new exercises. I wrote a workout. I read postings from coaches I aspire to live like. I wrote this post.

Today, what did YOU do?


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