Missing a place called home

I am missing a place I called home. I am missing my gym – the one where my friends and I met each day to kick a$$. The place I worked and loved what I did. The place of learning and teaching – and, most importantly, growing.

This is the place where I met the women who workout like me – push me.

This is the place where the men pushed me to be more like them and challenged me to do more to try and compete with their antics.

It is the place you would find me at 4:30 am working out.

It is the place you could most often still find my at 8:00 pm. I should have had a cot!

It is a place where I sweat, smiled, laughed, and cried.  DSC_0428

It is where I found peace on a crazy day.

It is a place that sometimes created a crazy day.

It was where I felt safe.

It was a place of fellowship – a fellowship I have yet to find anywhere else.

It was where I found passion and heart – and began to find my vulnerability.

This is the place where I found my strength and confidence.

The is the place where I was free to be me.

I am missing a place called home.


2 thoughts on “Missing a place called home

  1. I am thankful for that place, too, where I grew and learned more about who I was (and wasn’t), found new strength and made new friends. Life is always changing, but along the way we make life long friends. Thankful for you, Becca. You make the world a brighter place!

    • Thanks Andrea! I am very sentimental today. And really missing the fellowship – as we had a wonderful group of individuals. And we grew so much together!! I am very thankful for having had the opportunity to work with everyone and have the place to call home. Just searching for my next home, which is not easy!!

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