Devising a Saturday workout…

Saturday’s are reserved for recovery workouts. Saturday’s workout is the one that I do not have very well planned out. I generally have months of workouts planned – making it easy to roll out of bed and make it to the gym before work. Today is Saturday. I do not have a workout. Yesterday was my rest day, so I would typically engage in some form of intense metabolic conditioning. And here I am, writing again with my coffee. And there is a reason I am still sitting here (God has a plan) – Monday is April 1. What does that mean? Assessment time and time to repeat my workout and see if I have improved since my baseline workout in January.

Calculate and devise

As I am training for a half marathon in May, tomorrow is a 10K at race pace. With that in mind, I need to be kind to my legs today. I am inclined to exhaust my upper body – but that may still inhibit my Monday performance. So. What to do, what to do?

It is simple!

A recovery workout!

Okay, so different than my normal Saturday recovery workout. I ask myself, what would I do the day before the half marathon? That is what I will do today! No heavy lifting. No intense aerobics. A little running. A little bodyweight action to keep my joints lubricated and moving. Ah-ha!

My Saturday workout

A rarity – Here share my workout. I do not generally do this – for giving something away for free tends to decrease that things value. Do not get me wrong, I am glad to have individuals come and workout WITH me. And I provide clients and friends with a certain amount of additional access. But this is not the beginning of me posting all my workouts!

Jog @ 5 mph – 4 minutes
10 Squat Jumps x 6 :30 rest
Circuit (4 sets x 12 reps)
Bodyweight Squats
Lateral Pendulum Lunge (12/each)
Supine Medicine Ball Diagonal Chops (12/each)
Dumbbell Bent Over Rows As little rest as needed

Note: I attempted an internet search for both the lunges and chops to link to videos, but I could not find any that accurately present the exercise. I will attempt my own videos soon and add the links. The chop is similar to this but lying on the ground.

The bottomline

It is important to be body smart. Killing yourself in the gym every day is not necessarily the route to results. In fact, I generally do not encourage ‘killing yourself in the gym.’ There is a difference between working hard and smart and killing yourself in the gym – I prefer the former.

How do you work hard in the gym?


One thought on “Devising a Saturday workout…

  1. I Joined a fitness center in my area. I have never done many classes before So I looked into all the people giving the different classes I have tried about 3-4 different Styles and Instructors but one really stood out.I have been taking at least 2 classes and love the workout program.I have been working on circuit like yours minus the jogging. I have not found it the same I like having a workout partner .I will keep working on the workout program.

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