Planning a day of nothing

There is nothing on my calendar today. No classes to teach. No clients to train nor coach. No social events. Nothing. On my drive home from work last night (which was LONG due to inclimate weather), I told myself that I would allow myself to sleep in and then do nothing today – only leaving the house to workout.

I am amazed by how unmotivated I am. I awoke early, but remained in bed, reading and relaxing. I also began to plan out my day (yes, planning my day of nothing).

I should get out and shovel.

I should start some coffee – it will help me become motivated.

I should plan my workout – I can go to an empty gym this afternoon and do anything I want!!!

I should do laundry.

I should do my taxes.

I remained in bed. I was unmotivated. I sent a text to my former workout partner – we now live 5+ hours apart – expressing my lack of motivation. She concurred. HOW am I going to find some motivation, I asked myself.

Step 1 – Get out of bed.

Step 2 – Put contacts in so I can see.

Step 3 – Brew and drink coffee.

Step 4 – Just do it.

So here I am. Writing this post, drinking coffee, and occasionally looking out the window at the snow on the driveway. I guess I ought to go do something about that. And I will, as soon as I am done with this cup of coffee – – – –

5 thoughts on “Planning a day of nothing

  1. I agree! I do need to clear the driveway of snow – for future safety 🙂 Otherwise, we will see. I have more posts in the making and I may never make it to the gym – and that is perfectly OKAY!

  2. I have days like this probably once a month. I like to think of them as “mental health” days and frankly, I need them to recuperate from time to time and keep going with the craziness that is my life. You deserve it, hope you enjoyed it!

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