Hooray! A heart rate story

I have a new heart rate monitor thanks to a dear friend who surrendered his to me. He was not using it and I suspect the heart rate monitor was becoming sad. I pray that I do not kill this one as I did my other (although I do think that it is inevitable). I remembered to wear it 4 of the first 7 days it was in my possession. I remembered to start it 3 of those 4 days. For the girl who once could not workout without one, I sure have not been very good about using this new one.

My heart rate does not get as high as it used to. I am older than I used to be, which could be one factor. And I believe that I do not push myself as hard as I used to – I do not have my maniac workout friends to cultivate the competitive culture I was once engulfed in. And having worked out without the monitor for so long, I know my level of intensity decreased and I need to become comfortable with getting uncomfortable again. I also suspect that I may have increased my cardiac fitness – but this is anecdotal and unverified. IMG_0898


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