Snow, snow, go away

photo (18)Do not come back another day.

I have about had it with the snow. I believe that we have all had enough. While the snow removal is annoying and driving is hazardous, the pain is unbearable. It is no wonder retired folks move south for the winter months. The older I get, the worse my pain is when it snows.

Human barometer

I can predict snow Рprobably better than a meteorologist. Between the lingering effects of my surgeries and my chronic joint pain, the snow-related flares can make me want to stick a fork in my eye. It is indescribable really Рand medically unexplainable and therefore difficult to treat. I spent last night sitting on my heating pad, trying to get comfort to the innermost depths of my hip joints. It worked temporarily.

In general, the best treatment is distraction. I have to keep myself busy. If I am shoveling, I do not feel it. If I am working, I do not feel it. If I am immersed in writing or research, I do not feel it. It is important that I avoid excessive sugar, as this will worsen the pain. More than anything, it is a case of mind over matter.

The bottomline

If I were to focus on the pain and maybe what I could not do because of the pain, I would be miserable. Instead, I put on my deep thinking face (but that face probably never comes off).

How do you find comfort while enduring pain?

What, if any, distraction techniques do you use?

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