Response: Food Lovers Fat Loss System

I am devoted to being honest. I understand that we need a simple, practical, and effective method for weight loss and improved health. What we do not need is to be deceived, and the Food Lovers Fat Loss System does just that. If you have money to throw away, instead of paying your six easy installments of $19.99 to Provida Life Sciences, you can make a check out to me. You will get the same results. I take that back, if you follow the advice that I provide throughout my posts you will achieve better results.

What can I say about the Food Lovers Fat Loss System? There is a nice commercial on Pandora radio. The website lacks substance but it is pretty, with bright colors and individuals eating huge brownies and pizza. “Eat the same foods you eat now! Eat what everyone else is eating!” Best of all, those individuals look happy. Would not you be happy eating pizza and brownies, believing that you are losing fat?

The positives

This appears to be similar to a glycemic index diet, the program teaches you about nutritional timing – eating slow and fast carbs and proteins. Such a nutrition plan is effective and simple – just not easy.

The website boasts a nice picture of a well-balanced meal, consisting of real foods – steak, potato, and vegetables. So clearly, they understand what it means to eat healthfully and fuel your body for life.

The website disclaimer: These results are not typical, but they are achievable, depending on your level of commitment. Food Lovers Fat Loss System is based on a healthy eating and exercise program, which are essential for healthy weight loss. Please consult your physician before beginning Food Lovers Fat Loss System, or any other weight loss program. This is similar to all other program disclaimers. I list this as a positive because this is the only information on the website that talks about exercise as a component of weight loss.

The negatives

First and foremost, it is a gimmick. Even your basic nutrition course will teach you that you cannot burn fat by eating food. You need to be active to burn fat. You need to move. While information is limited on the website, I wonder what the program promotes for physical activity.

With that said, any program that claims weight loss or fat loss with solely dietary changes – which is overwhelmingly the claim made here – is lying. It is that simple. While the disclaimer endorses exercise, I do not see this promoted as an equally important component. We (the experts) know that you must combine changes to both dietary consumption and physical activity levels. As I have discussed, both components are critical in order to sustain long-term change in body composition (e.g., fat loss, muscle building, etc.). A sound fat loss program will provide a plan for your full lifestyle change.

Promoting blood sugar maintenance with the brownie picture. This is misleading. Even if this HUGE brownie is a black bean brownie, there is no way any individual can consume that and not elevate her blood sugar. FURTHER, why do the images with individuals show them eating junk food (what we supposedly ‘want’ to eat) but the plates of meals provide healthy, real food? These images send mixed messages – you cannot have your cake and eat it too.

For six easy payments of $19.99, you receive 9 books, one day-by-day CD series, and a DVD. Are you going to make the time to review all that information before you make your change? In order to be successful, you really should. Are you overwhelmed yet?

The bottomline

This is ridiculous. The website gives you so few details or information about the program – should not that be worrisome? Dr. Wortham endorses the program – well I lost respect for Dr. Wortham.  They sell the program on the sole notion of “Eating all the foods you want to eat.” Not on science nor evidence. Not on merit. The company is feeding on your pain and desperation. Do NOT throw your money away.

On another note, I have brownies when I want brownies. I think that I ate one brownie per day last week. With ice cream. And lost weight. How did I do it? First, I have my metabolism ROARING as a result of my workouts and training system and my nutritional timing is almost meticulous. But more importantly, I do not do it all the time – the human body can handle just about anything in moderation.


4 thoughts on “Response: Food Lovers Fat Loss System

  1. I just recently found your blog and I think it’s safe to say this is one of the best health and fitness blogs I have come across. You provide valuable, objective facts in a manner that is not overwhelming or boring. I cannot stop reading all of your posts because there is just so much valuable information here. I am glad that I found your blog and will definitely be using the knowledge gained here in my health and fitness pursuits!

    • Thank you so much for the positive, supportive feedback. This is my goal. I want to educate and help others make informed decisions on the journey to health. Please share with those who may also appreciate and benefit! Further, I welcome topic requests and feedback of all kinds! Thanks again.

      Yours in health,
      Becca Rose

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