Well stated post on fructose!

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There are many, many articles and opinions on fruit and how/when/if it should be eaten. First of all fruit is healthy for you, that can’t be denied. Having said that gym goers and athletes should assess their fruit intake based on their goals.

The carbohydrate in fruit is fructose. Fructose will only replenish liver glycogen stores, and it doesn’t take much to fully replenish liver glycogen stores. What happens when the liver glycogen stores are full? Essentially the fructose is converted in to fat.

I would say the majority of people who work out are looking to lower body fat and for that fructose is not the way to go.

At the moment I do an HIIT cardio workout within an hour of waking up and for this I eat one apple/banana 30ish minutes prior. The reason for this? Fast digestion which gives me fuel for the early morning workout…

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