Unexpected, only mildly welcomed, pain

DOMS. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. I have been known to experience limited DOMS. In the past, I attributed this to proper training and conditioning. But since the first of the year, I have been experiencing more DOMS than usual. Currently, I am recovering from some of the worst! Two days ago, I completed a posterior workout, focused on corrective techniques to inhibit, lengthen, activate, and integrate, as I have been having significant issues with my LPHC (lumbo-pelvic-hip complex). I anticipated slight trap, gluteal, and hamstrings DOMS. Surprise, surprise – DOMS is isolated to my calves (gastrocnemius) and everything else is fine.

I can barely move. I have to stand up slowly and let my muscles extend at their own pace. I had to adjust yesterday’s workout because of the cramping that occurred when I tried to run. After a week of torturing my body and pushing through the mental barriers to reach my physical limits, my body has taken control and is screaming, STOP. REST. I am not one to rest without reason, but I am quick to listen to my bodily cues and I consider myself quite ‘body smart.’ I know that if I don’t rest, I will be on the DL for much longer than I would like.

photo (4)Ask my best workout partner ever, Emily, and she will tell you that she hates me for how often I am NOT sore and she is. My soreness does not interfere with life! We have all heard things like no pain, no gain. Some of us think that being sore is indicative of a great, effective workout. But I hate being sore like this. I hate being slow to stand up and having difficulty moving. In my Training for Life, constant DOMS would be a deterrent. I need optimal functioning capabilities! And with proper training, DOMS can be significantly reduced, if not eliminated.

So why the DOMS now, when I haven’t had it in the past?

My physical training from June 2012-December 2012 was minimal – in relation to my typical training regimen. With big goals set for May 2013, I have kicked it in gear and my calves have screamed, YES – WE’RE STILL HERE. So, while I am not enjoying the pain today, I appreciate the nudge. I will now pay more attention to my full-body Training for Life. This amount of pain will not occur again any time soon!

As for treating my DOMS? Rest, water, and moderate movement.

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