Strength + Balance + Stability = GOAL 7

The Asante Children’s Choir put on an amazing show at church yesterday. I was watching, smiling, and in awe. And then, I was struck with yet another goal. These young men were gymnasts! Singing, dancing, and showing impressive strength and ability. Of course, I want to do everything that they can do! These boys and young men were doing planches. WHILE SINGING!

GOAL 7 – Planche Training

I am going to maintain caution with this goal. I do not know that I will be able to complete a planche (aka planche pushup or the hardest pushup in the world) during the 2013 calendar, but I am going to begin training. To be honest, I have no idea how to train for it so I will have to first do an absorbitant amount of research. In preliminary research, I did find a man who seems to know…

One thought on “Strength + Balance + Stability = GOAL 7

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