6-pack abs? GOAL 2

I want a flat, washboard stomach. I want my physique to be a clear reflection of my core strength. I have to admit, I am most insecure about my torso. I am not quite sure where the origins of this insecurity rest. To be quite honest, I have an amazingly well-trained core – but my physical body doesn’t necessarily show it.  It took me a long time to recognize my core strength because I cannot SEE it in the mirror. Let’s do planks or sit-ups or side planks…I’ve mastered these feats. While there are of course limits to my physical abilities, it seems I completely disregard all that I CAN do because I don’t have those 6-pack abs. Am I obsessed? No. Do I beat myself up over it? No. But I’m not yet satisfied. Is this another case of something that will never seem good enough for me? Maybe…

Goal 2 – To do THIS:

crunchThe crunch, supporting myself on a heavy bag with my legs. I have done something similar in the past. To be more specific: to do TEN crunches off the heavy bag.

8 thoughts on “6-pack abs? GOAL 2

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  3. Check your nutrition … Sodium intake for reducing water retention, Reducing or eliminating night time complex carbs to reduce fat resort more to beans and fibre sources – green vegetables, gradually incorporating HIIT to burn more fat, around 4 to 5 meals should do, increase protein if you are not eating enough a maximum of 1 gram per kg of bodyweight should be sufficient (differs according to different researches), bodybuilding.com is a good resource for nutrition, just check the transformations their nutrition, workouts etc … and sleep at least eight hours .. without proper nutrition and sleep, exercise is pointless … also prepare meals before hand … u can prepare the day’s meal early morning or night before, three days at a time, entire week’s meals every Sunday depends how much time you make .. once you get results some results should be there around within 3 to 6 months it would mean you have acquired the required discipline, then you can move onto looking at your caloric intake high carb & low carb cycling, high calorie & low calorie cycling etc

      • that’s good …if you want an excel based database to track your calories and routines let me know.. it isn’t complete but you can modify it …not that difficult to do

  4. as for goal 2 .. i know it looks cool… but not necessarily useful … but if you want to do it… then first check for any postural problems you might have the anterior/posterior tilt of the pelvis, any neck posture problems, the exercises 1. hanging leg raises, 2. hanging crunches and 3. hanging upside-down crunches should be the starting point … you will need strong legs and very strong lower back, in-fact entire the entire core should be very strong … try turkish get-ups, use the swiss ball for planking, plank runs and other bench based exercises (use a Swiss Ball that has a 2000lb resistance otherwise they burst), use ankle weights for shin raises OR tie your feet and a weight plate with a thin rope to perform shin raises (the weight plate should be in between your feet and the rope should be stretched to keep the resistance even and balance additionally the distance between the feet, between the feet and weights should be even as well) … also wear knee support for performing goal 2 since the feet and knees will be in different directions and that puts a lot of stress on the knees … i know it might sound like a lot of work for one exercise but safety first

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