Hello world!

I’ve always been a writer – typically not for an audience, writing that stayed between me and God. I began journaling¬†at a young age. Several years ago I started compiling tidbits, intending to start a blog. Here it is.

At 29 years old, I often joke that I am older than my age. Those who know me best will agree. I also joke that I have a dark soul. Some agree and others know that I have a wounded soul. In the last year or more, that soul has begun to truly heal. Slowly but surely, healing one layer at a time. We all have hurts (or mercies from God!) that no one can begin to imagine. I tell myself in my daily interactions with people, “you don’t know what he/she is dealing with today/this week/etc.” It’s made me less abrasive and more approachable.

In my former life, I was an editor for a regulatory publishing company. I referred to myself as a professional ‘dumber-downer.’ I have a degree in scientific and technical writing – the fluffy stuff does not come easily for me. Allowing the emotions to shine through will be a challenge for me….but a challenge I need to do in order to continue my healing. I also hold a master’s in sport/exercise psychology and I work as a fitness trainer and behavior coach, helping others heal and improve their lives! I love my job!

I will use this as an opportunity to share my heart, opinions, knowledge, experiences, thoughts, feelings….whatever I choose. No order and likely no rhyme or reason. But all in an effort to help YOU find YOUR strong…

B Rose